LPG Emergency

In Case Of Smell of Gas Or Leakage


  • Shut off gas supply by closing the pressure regulator. 
  • Open door and windows.
  • Do not bring in or light any other burner such as kerosene stove or coal sigree or diva .
  • Do not use Mobile Phones.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Contact your nearest Gas distributor immediately.
  • Contact the fire department.
  • Evacuate the premises immediately .
  • Do not switch on any lights or electrical equipment as they may cause spark.
  • If you have fire- fighting equipment make sure that you know how to use it, and that it is maintained regularly. Don’t try to use it on burning LPG.
  • If the fire is near the cylinder or you can’t put it out quickly – leave it.
  • Dial 101 to call the fire brigade. Tell them LPG cylinders are on the premises.
  • Tell everyone to leave the premises and go to a safe place well away from the installation. If you have a fire alarm, activate it.
  • Call your LPG distributor and inform them about the problem so that they can send a representative and take the required safety measures.
  • Call your Gas helpline or emergency service cell managed by the Oil Companies. These are operated roung the clock and on holidays also.