Piped Gas

We were the first to introduce piped gas to flat owners in Madurai. At present we are supplying LPG via pipes to more than 2000 flats . We have a separate dedicated team for carrying out the pipeline work and its maintenance.

Technically known as LPG reticulated system, this facility has a lot of advantages when compared to the conventional method of using cylinders in kitchens.

The system consists of LPG cylinder manifold at the ground floor and LPG pipe from the outlet of the manifold is taken to individual kitchens. Automatic change over valves, pressure regulators will be provided on the pipelines. LPG flow meter will be provided in individual kitchens to read the consumption of LPG.


The advantages of the LPG reticulated system over the conventional cylinder usage are as follows:

  • No need for cylinder handling inside the kitchen.
  • No changing over of cylinders inside the kitchen.
  • No need of making calls / SMS to the distributor for booking refills.
  • NO need for allowing cylinder deliveryman into the kitchen.
  • 24 x 7 continuous supply of gas in the pipe line.
  • Conserves space in the kitchen.
  • 100% safety for the users.
We are supplying LPG via pipes to the following flats
Vajra Apartments, Madurai 60 flats
Porkudam Apartments, Madurai 112 flats
Agrini & Vasudhara Apartments, Madurai 1454 flats
Bharat Apartments, Madurai 41 flats
Rams Apartments, Madurai 52 flats
Magnum Apartments, Thirunelveli 18 flats (only installation)
ARK Apartments, Thirunelveli 36 flats (only installation)
Ramakrishna Apartments, Nagarcoil 20 flats (only installation)
BPCL, Tuticorin 6 flats (only installation)
Raj Paris Apartments, Madurai 78 flats
Vinthianjal Apartments , Madurai 113 flats
MB constructions, Madurai 22 flats
Hormony Towers, Madurai 30 flats
Aiswaryam Apartments, Madurai 34 flats